Our core values

We aim to cast a reliable and efficient guiding light on your search for a study course abroad, which will enable you to flourish and grow.

Comprehensiveness: A Global Approach

Competence and Effectiveness

Independence and Integrity

We believe that choosing what and where to study requires an all-inclusive approach, which takes in to account every aspect of the person you are; your character, your tastes, your ambitions, your academic potential, your lifestyle…

We undertake to listen to you carefully and to do our utmost to help you identify your priorities and your aspirations, before presenting you with a realistic project for your studies abroad. We are also convinced that once you have been through the sometimes difficult exercise of pin-pointing what is really important to you, there will be an undeniable ring of truth to your application statements and essays.
Each course search that we carry out is unique and tailor-made. We aim to light up every step of your way towards a successful application, and we know that your chances of success are inextricably linked to the quality of the preparatory work on your dossier. So, we examine each detail, then we take time to implement in-depth research using the numerous sources available to us.
Since the world of further education is ever-changing we also pledge to keep our knowledge and resources constantly updated.

We are fully independent and actively oppose any bias or pressure to conform to preconceived ideas about further education.

We do not act on behalf of any university or college, so our loyalty is to you as an individual and we will work in close collaboration and in the strictest confidence with you to find the university course which suits you.

Nos valeurs